About Us

Our story

Auto-Ad is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company, headquartered in Charleston, SC, and operating nationally. Auto-Ad was founded in November 2014, when Captain Ryan Hammer, a medically retired Air Force SF Officer, needed a way to advertise a new local business that he established to help a fellow veteran. Placing a vinyl wrap on the back of his own vehicle, and the vehicle of the veteran, seemed like an excellent way to raise awareness about the business within the local community and to gain exposure.

Seeing the effectiveness of the vehicle vinyl wrap advertisement, Hammer searched for a way to advertise on more vehicles in adjacent neighborhoods. When he found that no such service existed, Ryan started Auto-Ad to fill this untapped market.

Understanding that many of our veterans are severely limited with where they work and live due to lack of reliable transportation, Ryan committed to making Auto-Ad a part of the solution by matching veterans in need of vehicles with companies looking to advertise in their area. Auto-Ad’s business model creates a win-win solution for both veterans and the advertisers.

Auto-Ad did a soft launch in May 2015, testing a small-scale model focused on the local South Carolina market. Just a few months into the launch, Auto-Ad had to upgrade its infrastructure to satisfy the growing demand. In August 2015 Auto-Ad evolved its local model to a national model by partnering with Enterprise Fleet Management to handle its vehicle procurement, and with General Motors Corporate, to install the vinyl wraps on the vehicle right on the production line, and then ship the wrapped vehicles direct to the veterans.

Today, the service is accessible anywhere in the US, and Auto-Ad is excited to continue scaling, and put as many veterans behind the wheel as possible.

Our Mission

Auto-Ad’s mission is to improve the quality of life for U.S. Veterans by subsidizing their auto expenses, while providing our Customers great brand exposure through our traveling billboards, and even better PR through our integrated Corporate Social Responsibility initiative.

Our 2020 Vision

Our vision is to grow our national advertising fleet from sea to shining sea, and help veterans no matter where they call home. As Auto-Ad grows, we hope to expand to friendly foreign nations (UK, Germany, Israel, South Africa, Australia, ROK, Japan and others), and help their veterans in need. Auto-Ad will tackle this expansion first by partnering with US-based international companies (like Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and others), and then by securing relationships with foreign companies. Our goal is to run out of veterans to help and subsequently shift our focus to helping other demographics in need.

Our Values

• Support our nation’s Veterans and help them succeed financially and professionally as they reintegrate into civilian society.
• Provide professional, effective, honest and positive brand exposure for our customers.
• Value and respect our employees, drivers, customers and partners.
• Be adventurous, creative and open-minded.
• Embrace change and welcome feedback.
• Create ongoing win-win partnerships with companies and non-profit organizations.
• Stay lean and grow by doing more with less.

Our founder

Ryan Hammer is a retired US Air Force Security Forces Officer. Originally from Long Island, New York, Ryan did his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland, College Park, and through the Air Force ROTC program on campus he commissioned into the Air Force. Since entering the Air Force, Ryan has amassed a Masters of Arts in Security Management, a Master of Arts in Homeland Security, a Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management, and a Master of Business Administration from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. While serving on active duty Ryan was severely injured, and after numerous surgeries was medically retired. Since then his mission has been to provide opportunities, and support to his fellow veterans as they exit the service and navigate life in the civilian sector.

Board of Directors


Damon Walsh

LTC, US Army (Ret)
Board Member


David Sutherland

Col, US Army (Ret)
Board Member