Impress your clients with a marketing campaign they can be proud of

By partnering with the first provider of
socially responsible outdoor advertising services

Auto-Ad offers hyper-local marketing across the US via GPS-tracked, “traveling billboards” while providing veterans with brand new free SUVs. Your clients’ moving ads receive extensive exposure giving them the most value for every marketing dollar, while saving a veteran up to $1,000 a month in expenses.

How your clients benefit

An effective advertising opportunity for all of your clients

Whether you work with start-ups, small businesses, enterprises, political groups or nonprofits, Auto-Ad is a great hyperlocal outdoor advertising opportunity that is guaranteed to raise brand awareness and generate leads at a fraction of the cost of other outdoor ad options.

PR story and corporate social responsibility

Your clients create a great PR story by quantifiably helping veterans and investing directly into their customers’ communities. They will love our socially responsible and results-driven outdoor advertising service.

How your Agency benefits

Serve your clients better

Enhance your product portfolio with Auto-Ad’s traveling billboards and provide a cost efficient and effective advertising solution to your clients. Auto-Ad is significantly more affordable than any other outdoor advertising opportunity and can be more effective than PPC.

Earn a commission

Become our affiliate and earn a commission each time you sign new client on with Auto-Ad.

Implement with ease

We take care of all of the practical aspects of setting your client up for success with Auto-Ad – we design your clients’ ad (or collaborate with your in-house designers), create the wrap and wrap one of our vehicles. We then match your client with the right veteran, deliver the vehicle to the veteran and track the vehicle 24/7. As long as your clients advertise with us, we manage their reputation by geofencing areas where they would not want their traveling billboard to be seen (like adult stores). Lastly, we provide ready-made monthly analytic reports that you can share with your clients.

Together, your clients, your agency and
Auto-Ad help veterans get back on their feet.

achieve top of mind brand awareness
in your target market.