Are you a Veteran, Active Duty, Guard or Reserve?

Apply to be an Auto-Ad Brand Ambassador and get a free SUV to drive for a year!

Auto-Ad is looking to give back to Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and veterans because we know what it means to serve. Becoming a Brand Ambassador for Auto-Ad allows you to operate a brand new vehicle without incurring the cost of leasing the vehicle, paying for the vehicle insurance or for scheduled maintenance. Save up to $1000/month in auto-related expenses simply by driving!


Auto-Ad sells advertising space on our fleet of vinyl wrapped vehicles. When you become our Brand Ambassador, we match your driving habits to our customers’ needs, ensuring that you and the company you will represent are the perfect match.

Once you are matched with the right company, we design the vinyl wrap advertisement and ship it to Detroit where our partners, Chevrolet and Jeep, install it on the vehicle right on the production line. Once the wrap is installed, the vehicle is loaded onto a transport trailer and shipped to the dealership closest to you.

Once it arrives, you pick it up and drive it for the next 12 months as your primary vehicle. The best part is, there are no set driving requirements! Simply use your new vehicle like you normally would – drive it everywhere! The only thing you pay for is gas. When the 12 months are up, you have the option to renew your contract with us and get a new vehicle, or end the contract.

At Auto-Ad we value your service and sacrifice. That is why as an Auto-Ad Brand Ambassador, you will drive a brand new, 2017 Chevy Equinox or Jeep Cherokee. The vehicles we issue are loaded with heated leather seats, GPS navigation, the technology package - the works! We want you to enjoy all the comforts possible.


Chris M. “Sarge” USMC

"Auto-Ad simply changed my life! Before I met the Auto-Ad team, I was in a tough place. My wife left me and my two young daughters. Because of the great folks at Auto-Ad, I now have a good paying job, away from the bus line, and can provide a better life for my girls!"

Alan T. USAF

"Before Auto-Ad I was driving a 1993 Subaru Outback that I bought in cash from my friend’s dad. It had over 200,000 miles on it, no air conditioning, and was always breaking down. I was constantly late to work, and even when I did make it on time, I was drenched in sweat – which gave a less than professional impression.
With Auto-Ad, I am not just a driver, I am a brand ambassador. I represent the company on my car, and honestly, I feel a connection to them. When people ask about my car, I tell them all about how great the company on it is!"

Sabriena M. USAF

"I was one of the unlucky ones who got caught up in the recent Military’s downsizing. I was in Iraq when I was told that I was included in the cut backs. When I returned home, I had to figure out life as a civilian. I had a mortgage, a car payment, and a 2-year-old son to take care of.
The amazing folks at Auto-Ad saved me! It took me a while to find meaningful employment, and as I was searching, driving an Auto-Ad vehicle helped my financial situation significantly."

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